Empulse is a new packaging format for Linux distributions. It includes a suite of tools for building packages, as well as strict policy for building packages. It is an experiment in the usability of development and release tools for distributors.

Empulse 0.3.0

     Empulse 0.3.0 is a preview release to show off the software's current capabilities. Click the Downloads link in the Navigation menu on the right, to grab the source. You can also get the code from sourceforge.net's CVS repository using the /cvsroot/empulse root and the empulse module. Empulse 0.3.0 can now mostly fulfill the needs of a package management solution on Linux. It supports the creation of packages, and the installation, upgrade, and removal of those packages. These packages can contain scripts for registering into the MIME type handlers database, and similar functions. Empulse is almost ready for prime time use by a distribution. It needs only a few more features and some API and code clean-up. Please see the TODO file in CVS or the release for more information. Also, if you have any feature requests, please file them in the tracker or e-mail a developer.


    Here's a shot of empulse being queried for the list of files in perl-XML-Simple:

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